COVID-19 Info for Kids


The friendly faces helping children learn the science behind COVID-19

So how can you help your child understand how and why the coronavirus pandemic has up-ended their lives and what can they do to make sense of this new ‘normal’. Well, with a combination of friendly characters and simple, age-appropriate explanations, many authors around the world have found some creative ways to assist.

It is important to point out that the following resources do not seek to be a source of scientific information, but rather a tool to help young ones to understand current events without being too overwhelmed. Whether your kids are at home or school, you can use these free materials to help start conversations about how to stay safe, minimize anxiety, and even have a little fun in the process!

Please also note that some of these are international stories and public health measures referenced may differ from those currently in place within the UK. Information is rapidly changing about this new virus—to have the most correct information stay informed by accessing or

Myth Busters – Know the facts about COVID-19
Coronavirus: A book for children
Piperpotamus Learns About Coronavirus
What is covid-19 – kids
Learn About Coronavirus and COVID-19
Dave the Dog is Worried About Coronavirus
Who is Corona? The Story of a Virus That Stopped the World
A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus
What is Coronavirus?
I Have a Question About Coronavirus: Clear Answers for All Kids
All I Need to Know About Coronavirus
What’s Coronavirus?: (A Short Guide for Kids)
The Germ Called Coronavirus; A Short Guide for Children
A Message from Corona
Coronavirus for Children
What is a Pandemic? And How Can You Stay Safe?
Coronavirus, What is It? : A Social Narrative for Children
Exploring The New Coronavirus: A Comic Just for Kids
Everybody Worries
The Big Thing
Tomorrow: A Children’s Book About COVID-19
What is Coronavirus
Coronavirus is a Big Word
The Day My Kids Stayed Home
The Germ that Wears a crown
Milton and the Invisible Coronavirus
The Story of the Oyster and the Butterfly
What is the Novel Coronavirus? – YouTube
Coronavirus facts for children – YouTube

e-Bug – Public Health England
Captain Corona and the 19 COVID Warriors
Be a Coronavirus Fighter
Coronavirus: Get Outta Here!
King COVID and the Kids Who Cared
Jasper and Tabitha Play a Trick on the Coronas
The Princess in Black and the Case of the Coronavirus
Wicked Virus and the Powerful Children
COVID-19: What Can Kids Do?
How to Defeat the Icky, Filthy, Creepy, Slimy CORONA MONSTER!
How to Be a COVID-19 Superhero with the Talac Gang
The Unwelcome Stranger
Don’t Share Your Germs!
Virus, Virus, You Cannot Scare Me!
Conquering COVID-19
The Novel Coronavirus: We Can Stay Safe

Time to Stay Home … What’s Next?
I Can Be Safe and Healthy by Washing My Hands!
Bye-Bye Germs: Be a Handwashing Superhero!
CDC Handwashing Information for Families
Wash your hands
Stay Clear, Stay Clean, Stay Kind
You have the power
Oaky and the Virus

Where Did Everyone Go?
Stuck inside
Winnie & Wilbur stay at home
Coronavirus: Why Do I Have to Stay Home?
Staying Home
The Book of Hopes
Piggy & Bunny and the Stay
Rainbows in Windows
P is For Pandemic
Something Strange Happened in My City
The Big Alone: Social Distancing
The Great Doggy Holiday
Community Heroes: A Guide to Being Brave
The House We Sheltered In
Virtual Hug for the World
Melanie and Karl’s Enchanted Adventure
A Hero Too
The Coyote Family Stays Home!
Rain before rainbows
From My Window: Children at Home During COVID-19
When the World Went Inside
The World Has Turned Upside Down
When Coronavirus Came to Town
Mia At Home
Waiting for Dad to Come Home
The Tails of Doodleville
Kelly Stays Home
Paul Stays Home
I Want to Go Out!
This is Not Forever
My Hero is You
The Spooky Shallow Cough

Coming Back to School in a Bubble
Meet the Helpers: Wearing a Mask
Seeing Other People Wearing Masks
My Mask
Wearing a Mask: A Coloring Book for children
Putting a Mask on My Toys
Even Astronauts Practice Social Distancing
Time to Come In, Bear: A Children’s Story about Social Distancing
Getting a haircut during COVID-19 Story
Why does my teacher look different
Why Does My Doctor Look Different Story
What Is Social Distancing Story
Social Distancing with Pete and Patty
Wearing a Mask To School
Going for Walks
Right now, I am fine

Joey the kangaroo: A very special colouring book for kids
Bad Kitty: Wash Your Paws
My 2020 COVID-19 Time Capsule
COVID-19 Activity Book
Georgie and the Giant Germ
When You’re Sick Colouring Book
Colour With Jamie the Germ Slayer!
Sesame Street Colouring Sheet
First-Aid For Feelings: A Workbook to Help Kids Cope
Handwashing Songs
Mask Colouring Book