Nora Roberts – Vision in White


A New England mansion. Grounds covered in fresh snow. The shutter of a camera. It sounds picturesque, but is it?

Vision in White by Nora Roberts was published in 2009. This is the first of four books in her highly acclaimed Bridal Quartet series.

Growing up and witnessing her parents muck up their own romantic lives, Mackenzie Elliot has decided that no good comes from relationships. As the photographer of Vows, the wedding planning company she runs with her 3 best friends, she spends most days capturing love – from a distance. After a run-in with Carter Maguire, love no longer seems like a distant concept. Will she be able to make peace with her past and take the love she deserves? Lucky for Mac, she’s got 3 women prepared to help their best friend get her happy ending.

This book is wonderfully written with lush descriptions of a New England winter. Roberts’ does not shy away from examining the depth to which parental relationships can affect people later in life. The depiction of the strong bond between 4 unique women is lovely to read.

I would absolutely recommend this book. It’s not a very long read. A lush winter romance – sounds perfect for a pandemic holiday season, no?

4 stars.

-Sholape Tinubu