Health Information Week 2020


The Many Roads to Wellbeing

During these times, a lot of health-focus is on Covid-19. That doesn’t mean that other health conditions have stopped or are as less important. The lockdown may be easing, but we understand that some will continue to suffer from the pandemic’s effects in the long-term. That doesn’t mean you should continue to suffer in silence. Whether you are struggling financially, unable to leave the house, in need of medications or even a friendly phone call. Here is a list of support services available to you if and when you need it.

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee accuracy of individual sites and take no responsibility for the information contained therein.

If you have information about other community support initiatives that are not mentioned here, please do let us know. #HIW2020

Waltham Forest Mutual Aid
If you need help or would like to volunteer contact:Cathall Ward residents
Call: 07926432520
My Health Apps
A collection of health apps tried and tested by patients and the public on a range of physical and mental health conditions as well as lifestyle and wellbeing.
NHS Apps Library
Digital tools to help you manage and improve your health.
Evidence-based information advice on a wide range of medical and health topics.
Your Health Talk
Find information and support for a range of health issues by seeing and hearing people’s real life experiences.
Men’s Health Forum
A charity whose mission is to improve the health of men and boys.
Carers Trust
Working tirelessly to raise awareness of unpaid carers in the UK.
Carers UK
Both a support network and a movement for change.
Reading Well Books on Prescription
Book list containing accredited and helpful reading to support health and wellbeing.

Arthritis Action UK
The only UK charity offering hands-on, practical help for people with arthritis to improve their quality of life whilst living with the condition.
British Pain Society
Support and resources for people living with pain.
10 ways to reduce pain
Whether your pain has just come on or you’ve lived with it for years, these tried-and-tested self-help steps can bring you relief.
RCOG: Living with chronic (long-term) pelvic pain
Information sheet available to print from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.
Alzheimer’s Association
Tips for Dementia Caregivers.
Music For Dementia 2020
Creative tips and activities to help everyone in isolation, using music as a unifying language.
National Autism Society
Tips and resources for autistic people and their families.
Asthma UK
Resources created using the most trusted evidence and evaluated by healthcare professionals.
British Heart Foundation
All the information you need to learn about managing a condition, supporting a loved one and protecting your health.
Heart UK
Making some simple changes to your lifestyle can keep your cholesterol levels and your heart healthier.
Heart UK
Making simple changes to the food you eat and being more active can help lower your cholesterol, lowering your risk of illness.
Stroke Association
The UK’s leading charity dedicated to conquering stroke and supporting stroke survivors to rebuild their lives after stroke.
British Lung Foundation
The only UK charity looking after the nation’s lungs.
Mencap – The voice of learning disability
Helping to improve the lives of people with a learning disability and their families.
Diabetes UK
The leading charity for people living with diabetes in the UK.
Macmillan Cancer Support
Find information about all types of cancer, including diagnosis, treatments and drugs, as well as advice to help with the different ways cancer may impact your life.
Royal College of GPs
Living better leaflets available to download for free which offer advice for patients with long-term conditions on coping with low mood, depression and anxiety.
Self-care toolkit
The Self Care Toolkit is for people who live with persistent health conditions.
NHS Health Check
Advice for the 40-74 year olds on how to stay healthy and avoid long term conditions

Age UK
Health and wellbeing information and advice for those in later life
British Dietetics Association
Food Fact Sheets Downloadable fact sheets on healthy eating written by dietitians.
Change 4 Life
Links to interactive resources and apps encouraging us all to adopt healthier lifestyles.
Drink Aware app
Free app to track alcohol consumption and set goals to moderate drinking.
Healthy Eating
Patient Info resources on health eating Live Well Advice, tips and tools to help you make the best choices about your and wellbeing
Nutrition Science
Discover why nutrition and physical activity are so important for health.
One You
Website and apps encouraging us to lead healthier lifestyles produced by Public Health England
Sport England
How to stay active while you’re at home.
P.E. with Joe
Daily P.E. Lessons from Joe Wicks

Action for Happiness
A movement encouraging people take action for a happier and more caring world.
Award winning app promoting meditation and sleep. Free trial or subscription.
Everyday Mindfulness and Meditation for Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Focus, Fitness, and More.
Cosmic Kids
Mindfulness and relaxation for 21st Century kids.
Living life to the full
Free online courses covering low mood, stress and resiliency.
Mind Tools Stress Management
Advice on how to manage and reduce stress on the MindTools webpages.
Check your mood using this simple mood self-assessment quiz.
Stop, Breathe, Think
Tools and advice on getting a good night’s sleep.
Ted Talks – Mindfulness
Link to Ted talks you-tube video clips on a variety of topics. This one is a playlist about mindfulness

Anxiety UK
UK national registered charity ffor those affected by anxiety disorders.
Blurt it Out
Increasing awareness and understanding of depression
Enables people to self-care with confidence and help them choose health and support services wisely.
Five steps to mental wellbeing
Widespread campaign to promote mental wellbeing.
NHS Mental health apps A-Z
An online course to help reduce stress and anxiety using mindfulness-based apps.
Rethink Mental Illness
Managing your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak.
Emerging Minds
Advice for parents and carers.
Every Mind Matters
Mental health advice and support from the NHS.
Webpages offering advice and support on mental health issues.
Calm Harm
An award-winning app developed for teenage mental health,
Young Minds
UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health.
The Mix
Mental health advice and support for 13-25s.
Free and confidential help for young people in the UK.

Accessible Health Information
Resources Wealth of resources supporting the NHS accessible information standard.
Behind the Headlines
A website which produced by The NHS Website which analyses health stories in the news to see how much truth there is behind them.
Fact Check
How to spot fake news.
Independent Age
How to find reliable health information online.
Future Learn
A free online course helping consumers to understand whether health information is likely to be reliable or not.
Health on the net
Health On the Net a non for profit organisation in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), promotes transparent and reliable health information online.
Learn My Way
Tools to help the public learn how they can use online resources to support their health.