Although the library is currently closed we are still looking for volunteers who would like to get involved with virtual projects. Click here to learn more about our current opportunities.

 When the library does reopen we will be looking for new volunteers to cover many different duties:

  • staffing the library during opening times and help it run effectively
  • helping with our related activities
  • publicity and networking with local media and other organisations
  • working on our website and social media
  • coordinating and supporting volunteers
  • fundraising and applying for grants and sponsorship
  • being an active part of our planning group

We are also interested in recruiting (in the voluntary sense; you will not get paid!) groups with special hobbies and interests, who would like to start new groups to meet regularly in the library.

The ability to maintain, and eventually extend our opening hours, is totally dependent on our pool of volunteers. We also need the skills and support of volunteers to help develop and extend the value of the library as a local resource to  benefit the Cathall and Cann Hall communities.

What you gain

Opportunities to learn new skills, expand and develop your existing skills, add to your CV, meet new people, engage in local networking.

We are working in partnership with the local Housing Association, Peabody, who fund our premises and are able to offer us occasional help with training.

How to Apply

Please visit our do-it.org page. Here you can apply for Virtual Volunteer positions or register your interest in volunteering positions that will be available when the library reopens.