Summer Reading Challenge Update


Be inspired by one of our local residents Sam, 5.5yrs from Newport School in Leyton who is the first member of Harrow Green Community Library to complete this years Summer Reading Challenge! In just over a week he had read all of his six books and achieved his certificate and medal!
The library staff have been so impressed with Sam’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the stories, and were especially thrilled when he requested to take the challenge again! So, like an Olympic winner, Sam is just as determined to get that second gold medal. Good luck Sam!!

There’s just over four weeks to go until the end of the challenge in Waltham Forest – which still leaves plenty of time for your children to read their six books and earn their own rewards. New registrations are still welcome.

A quick reminder of our opening times. Mon 11am-4pm, Tues 4pm-6.30pm, Thurs 3pm – 5.30pm and Sat 11am -2pm. (Please note that Tues opening is temporary for the summer reading challenge only).